Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Quail Eggs and a Boodle Fight

In the Philippines you can find quail eggs in the grocery store right alongside normal chicken eggs.

 See how small they are, and they are speckled.

 They come in these little egg cartoons that hold two dozen.  It cost 61 pecos for the 24, which is about 5 cents per egg.  A dozen chicken eggs cost about 87 pecos which is about 15 cents per egg.

 Here you see a quail egg, a hard boiled quail eggs, and one cut in half.  Also a regular chicken egg for comparison.  You have to eat quite a few quail eggs to equal one chicken egg.  The quail eggs taste pretty much the same only more concentrated.  They both taste a little different to me compared to eggs back home.

 One Monday we had an activity with the young missionaries in our Baliwag Zone.  It was a Boodle Fight.  Everyone brings rice and some main dish to put on the rice, and you lay it out on banana leaves.

Then you eat from whatever leaf you want.  They eat with their fingers.  It was good.