Monday, February 22, 2016

Conference with Elder Nelson

Elder Russell M. Nelson, one of the Twelve Apostles, visited the Philippines and spoke to the missionaries in our mission.

Here's a group picture we took before the conference.  There were 224 of us at the conference to hear Elder Nelson speak to us.  We really enjoyed the talks.  Elder Nelson was born September 9, 1924, the same day as my Dad only one year later.  He is the senior apostle right now.

This is a closeup.  In the middle is Sister and President Bertin (Mission President), Sister and Elder Nelson (President of the Twelve Apostles) and Sister and Elder Haynie (Quorum of Seventy), and then there's Sister Swift and I.

I liked the part of his talk where he explained about repentance.  The Elders preach repentance to people, and I didn't realize this; but he said repentance is not an event it's a process and that repentance is conversion and conversion is repentance.  The two are tied together.  Repentance is not just changing behavior, it's changing mindset, and knowledge, and behavior, and spirit and even becoming a new person.  It's becoming like Christ.

He also talked about when things are hard or difficult.  He said it's part of the plan.  Life is supposed to be that way to make us stretch and grow.

On Saturday our Branch in San Ildefonso had a couples social for Valentines Day.  We got to visit with some of our friends there in the Branch and play games and dance a little.  It was a good time.

 Lillian at the microphone.

 Group picture of some of the adults.

I found these roast beef flavored potato chips and had to give them a try.  They were actually quite good.