Monday, August 10, 2015

2015 Swift Family Reunion Isaac and Kim

We had a big Family Reunion this year for the Swift family.  Tianna and Jim were the hosts and it was out in Spokane.  We had a great time and had a lot of people there (29 by my count).  It was a lot of fun and great to get together and spend some time with each other.

 Here's a picture of the 16 grandchildren that were there.  Front row - Agnes and James.  On the couch - Ashton, Scarlett, Leon, Tucker, Elliott, Ethan, and Christian.  Right behind the couch - Penelope, Julia, Joselyn, and Evan.  Far back row - Dallin, Amery and Jarom.

 We took turns with the cooking and also each family planned a big activity.  Here's Isaac at the barbacue.

 We typically ate outside.  It was great and we had a lot of good food.

 Joselyn clowning for the camera.

For their event Isaac and Kim planned a family Amazing Race patterned after the TV show.
 Each family had to race from point to point and do some challenge to get the next clue.

 Some people were handicapped because they had little children in their family but it was all part of the game.

 Jarom and his family won the Amazing Race.  Good job.

We had a great day.  Thank you Joselyn.

2015 Swift Family Reunion Joshua and Rebecca

On one day Joshua and Rebecca planned the activities.

 Everyone also did three meals, not always during the same day.  Joshua making grilled cheese sandwiches.

 We typically ate outside.  It was great and the weather was perfect.

 There was always the trampoline to play on in between events.

 Jim and Ashton playing ping pong on a miniaturize table.

 For their activity we had a big kick ball game out on the fields.

 Evan about to kick the ball.

 Caleb kicking the ball.

 Tucker and Penelope out in the field.

 Also on Sunday they planned a family devotional where we sang songs and had skits and prayers.

 Each family had to come up with a skit on some scripture event and everyone else had to guess.

 Doranda and tucker.

 Kim and Isaac.  The did Abraham about to sacrifice Isaac, so Isaac was his namesake.

 Lots of good food for breakfast.  Ethan, Tucker, Evan, Leon, Ashton, Elliott, Christian, and Scarlett.

Christian, Penelope, and Julia in their church clothes after church.

2015 Swift Family Reunion Jacquelyn and Doug

One day we were in charge and we planned separate activities.

 Jacquelyn's activity was to take a lot of old photographs and make place mats.

 Christian hard at work on his place mat.

 Most everyone made one.  Here's Kim at work cutting out pictures.

 Joshua making a placemat.  Joselyna and Leon to the side.

 We had Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner, always a favorite.

Then we played a Family Feud game with questions I made up.  I was the MC and we split up into four family and played against each other.

We're having a lot of fun at the family reunion.

2015 Swift Family Reunion Talitha and David

Talitha and David couldn't be there for the entire reunion but they planned some fun for the day they were in charge.

 Talitha and David at the stove cooking a meal for everyone.

 Biscuits and gravy for breakfast.

 For an activity we played lawn yahtzee.

It was a fun time.  Thank you Talitha and David.

2015 Swift Family Reunion Doranda and Bob

One day it was Doranda and Bob's turn to plan the activities.

 For this activity we went out to a ball field.

 We took turns spinning around on a bat to get dizzy and then had to kick or hit a ball.  This is Jim getting dizzy.  It was fun to watch.

 Tianna fell down and couldn't even kick it.

 Talitha missed the ball all together.

 Doranda trying to stand up.

 Joshua flat on his back.

 David after a throw.

 Caleb got a kick off.  He ended up being the winner.  Whoever got the longest on the three events.

 Rebecca needing help standing up.

 Evan got a kick off.

 Kim missed the ball.

 Isaac did pretty good.

 Bob trying to hit the ball.

 Agnes trying to copy.

 For the kids they played a game where Bob had candy tired around his waist.  They could get some if they could catch him.

 They finally trapped him.

Thanks for a great day of fun.