Monday, August 10, 2015

2015 Swift Family Reunion Doranda and Bob

One day it was Doranda and Bob's turn to plan the activities.

 For this activity we went out to a ball field.

 We took turns spinning around on a bat to get dizzy and then had to kick or hit a ball.  This is Jim getting dizzy.  It was fun to watch.

 Tianna fell down and couldn't even kick it.

 Talitha missed the ball all together.

 Doranda trying to stand up.

 Joshua flat on his back.

 David after a throw.

 Caleb got a kick off.  He ended up being the winner.  Whoever got the longest on the three events.

 Rebecca needing help standing up.

 Evan got a kick off.

 Kim missed the ball.

 Isaac did pretty good.

 Bob trying to hit the ball.

 Agnes trying to copy.

 For the kids they played a game where Bob had candy tired around his waist.  They could get some if they could catch him.

 They finally trapped him.

Thanks for a great day of fun.

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