Monday, August 10, 2015

2015 Swift Family Reunion Joshua and Rebecca

On one day Joshua and Rebecca planned the activities.

 Everyone also did three meals, not always during the same day.  Joshua making grilled cheese sandwiches.

 We typically ate outside.  It was great and the weather was perfect.

 There was always the trampoline to play on in between events.

 Jim and Ashton playing ping pong on a miniaturize table.

 For their activity we had a big kick ball game out on the fields.

 Evan about to kick the ball.

 Caleb kicking the ball.

 Tucker and Penelope out in the field.

 Also on Sunday they planned a family devotional where we sang songs and had skits and prayers.

 Each family had to come up with a skit on some scripture event and everyone else had to guess.

 Doranda and tucker.

 Kim and Isaac.  The did Abraham about to sacrifice Isaac, so Isaac was his namesake.

 Lots of good food for breakfast.  Ethan, Tucker, Evan, Leon, Ashton, Elliott, Christian, and Scarlett.

Christian, Penelope, and Julia in their church clothes after church.


  1. Bob and I planned that devotional. Everyones skits turned out really good!

  2. Hey Doranda, don't try to take credit for our activity. It is down on record now that the skits were our planning :) Really, they were a lot of fun, thanks for putting it together!