Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Manigong Bagong Taon or Happy New Year!!!!

 Fernando got baptized this week.  It was great since he has been coming to church for a couple of months at least.  He is very active and even attends my Institute class. He also has been attending SA activities and has helped on a service project.  With him are Elder Bugarin from the Philippines and Elder Uhler from Virginia.

 We where out visiting with the other set of missionaries from our Branch.  We stopped and took a picture outside of the compound where the family lives.  The family lives in a house in the back area of this grouping of homes.  Many Filipino people live in family groups like this. Those are mangoes on the tree behind us.  This is Elder Heaton from Arizona and Elder Bautista from the Philippines.

We just couldn't resist taking a couple of animal pictures.  These cows were walking down the street as we were leaving the area above.

 We saw the tiniest little cute puppies that belong to one of our Branch members.  They were so small we just had to get a picture of them.

The Filipino people really celebrate New Year's Eve with fireworks.. We saw more fireworks at New Year's Eve than I have ever seen on the 4t of July back home.  Every direction we looked from our house we could see fireworks in the air.  These were the big kind that burst into colorful displays in the sky and people, not cities or organizations, were shooting them off.  On the 1st there were more fireworks(not tons like the night before) and the mall by us also had a small firework show. Everything is more fun in the Philippines!!!