Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mom's Birthday

Today is Mom's birthday.  Happy Birthday Mom.  Also know as Grandma Swift to some and Great-Grandma Swift to others.  She is 85 years old.

 Dora Vivian Aumick, born July 11, 1928 in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

 Dora is on the right and on the left is her younger sister Alice.

 Dora as a young girl on the left with her pet dog, named Lady Bug, and with her childhood friend Wilma.

 Dora as a teenager with her friend Betty.

 Dora's high school graduation picture.

Dora went to college at the University of Arkansas for a couple of years and was a majorette for the marching band for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Here's Dora's family.  Top row is oldest sister Eveyln, then her dad Evan, then next oldest sister Jennie.  Bottom row is Dora, then her mother Miranda, then her younger sister Alice.

Dora married her husband Keith Swift on December 28, 1947.  Happy birthday, we love you.