Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Animals All Around

We see lots of animals in the Philippines.

 Here's a Philippine water buffalo, called a caribao, plodding down this main highway, (which only has one lane going each way) at about 3 miles per hour.

 At a house just outside our gates they have a hard with small black pigs and ducks and geese.

 There are roosters running all around the area around our houses.

 A hen with her chicks.

We saw this huge pig in his pen at a house we were visiting when we were helping deliver some relief supplies after the typhoon.

 There is a weekly animal market across the main highway (from Camella where we live)  Here you see a pen of the small pigs for sale.

 They also had goats and chickens.

 Turkeys for sale.

 They even had dogs and cats for sale.

 A fighting rooster.

 A goat with two babies.

  Every six weeks there is a transfer announcement day.  This is a picture of our zone.  Two days later some missionaries were transferred to different areas, a couple of them completed their mission and went home and new missionaries arrived.  The first 4 missionary elders that were here when we arrived are now all trainers.  Two are training in different areas now.

 Elders Salisbury, Articulo, and Gumban.  These were the three Elders  assigned to San Ildefonso with us before transfer day; the all stayed and Elder Articulo is training a new elder.  Elder Salisbury is Elder Gumban's trainer (he has only been here about 7 weeks)  They are a great set of  Elders and are very hard working.  We go out on visits with them on occassion.

 All the Sisters at the meeting.

One day we went bowling with the San Ildefonso Elder's Quorum on an quorum activity.  They have American bowling but also Duck Pin, which is more popular.  The balls are real small and don't have holes in them.  The pins are smaller and squattier.  You get three rolls per turn.  And it's scored the same.  It's a lot harder.