Sunday, October 18, 2015

Zone Conference and YSA Social

We are home from church today because of a typhoon.  It's hitting north of us so there's no danger but because of the rain the roads may be unsafe in some places.  So they cancelled church in the district.

 Here's a little lizzard we found in the middle of the chapel at church.  I guess she wanted to come to church.  It has two eggs you can see.  A couple of times we have seen one in our house.

 We went to a FHE at the Vitongkol's home being held in honor of Elder Barcarse who is transferring out of our Branch to a new assignment.  We had good food and played some games.  They are a fun family.

On a p-day some of the sister missionaries got together to eat, ply games, and make these Pioneer handkerchief dolls.

 Elder's Coombs and Salisbury.  This picture was taken at the big Zone Conference held down in Quezon City.  They were both in our branch, but Elder Coombs has transferred to another area.

 Afterwards the Senior Missionaries went out to eat at Chili's in the Fairview Mall in Quezon City.  Left to right:  Rodgers, Swifts, Broadheads, Jones', Harringtons, and Bertins.

 A picture of our chapel in San Ildefonso Branch all set up for Sacrament the next day.  Which didn't happen because of the typhoon.

 Half the room at a YSA social.

 Other half of the group.

Sister Jones running the game.  Everyone had a lot of fun.