Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Arizona in December

We went down to Arizona to visit our parents and Nathanael came down too with his family, and we also saw several of Jacquelyn's sisters.

 Little baby Hannah with her great-grandmother Swift.  Mom was just delighted to see Nathanael's little children.

 And here is Hannah with her great-grandfather Rucker.  She also met two other great grandparents but I didn't get pictures.

 Baby Hannah with Jacquelyn.

 Hannah with her Mom, Mary-Anne.

 You can see Jacob in this picture.  We went out to see Dad's tree in Leisure World.

 My parent's house in Leisure World.  It's strange to have rocks instead of grass in the yard, but very beautiful there.  And sunny too.

 This is over at Conni's house where we visited with the Ruckers.

 Jacob playing with two of Conni's grandchildren - Eli and Eric.

 One night we went out to the Mesa temple to see the lights.

This is my favorite, four generations from father to son:  Jacob - Nathanael - Doug - Loren.