Sunday, May 25, 2014

Road trip

On our recent road trip we drove from Puyallup to Spokane to Rexburg to Lehi to Mesa to Apache Junction and back.  All in all we put on 4,100 miles.  Here's some of the sights we saw along the way.

 A look from atop Hoover Dam, once known as Boulder Dam, which is on the border between Arizona and Nevada.  It was built during the Great Depression  and holds back Lake Mead making the largest reservoir in the United States by volume.

 The Starlite Motel in Mesa, a famous neon sign from Mesa's days as a spa and resort area.

 Old Montana Prison, now a museum with self-guided tours.  Build by prisoner labor, it looks like an old castle because of the walls and towers.

 Prison yard insde.  It was the Montana Territorial Prison located in Deer Lodge, Montana and when Montana became a state it became the first federal prison in Montana.

 Inside look at the halls and rows of prison cells.

 A typical cell.  Didn't get a picture of the solitaire cells which looked like dungeons and had no furniture or light.

 An acutal Paddy Wagon.

 Right next door, and included with the same admission, we say the Montona auto museum.  This is a row of Corvettes ranging from old to new.

 Some really fancy luxury autos.

 Don't know what car this was but it was cool.

 Should of written down the names of some of these cars.  They had lots of old Model Ts.

 Camping was real popular along side the road and there were a variety of campers you could pull.

 Fancy old sports car.

We ate lunch one day at this really old fashiioned A&W root beer drive-in.