Monday, May 9, 2016

Four baptisms

This is the Dungo family that is joining the church in our Branch at San Ildefonso.

 Elder Tinasas on the left and Elder Arcayos on the right were the missionaries that were teaching them.  The father and mother were baptized two weeks ago and on Friday four of the children got baptized.

The father was able to do the baptisms for his children since he received the Aaronic Priesthood last weekend.  They are a super friendly family and seem so happy all the time, always smiling.  At the baptism service I was privileged to conduct and Sister Swift was one of the speakers.  We did it in Tagalog. The next day on Sunday I also got to do two of the confirmations.

On Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day at church just like we do back in America, only the entire Sunday School program was up in the chapel and was all about mothers, including a slide show, talks, a small gift, and the children singing.  Sister Swift is a super mom.  She enjoyed talking to each of her eight children for Mother's Day, which because of the time zones is a day earlier out here.  We have great children and we love them all.