Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mount Si

Yesterday we went on a hike to climb Mt. Si.
The trail was four miles going up and four miles down.  The weather was perfect for a hike; it was sunny all day and the temperature was around 70.  We were there early so it wasn't too hot and it was great in the trees.
 This is a view from half way up.
 This is a view from the top.
Caleb's friend Anthony.  We didn't know when we planned the hike that the scouts from our ward were also going up Mt. Si that day.  Caleb was going with them and they were planning to leave at five in the morning.  Then we got a text from Caleb - they needed more drivers.  So we had to hurry out to the church building early and help drive them.  There were six scouts and a leader and we kept passing them back and forth on the trail.  Jacqeulyn would not let them stay ahead of us.  I wanted to stay behind and not pass them up when they stopped for breaks but she would not.  They were going slow because on of them has asthma.  She thought we should not worry about what they were doing.  I thought it would make them feel bad.
Caleb feeding the birds up on top.  You can see how sunny and nice it was outside, even on top of the mountain.
 The birds were very friendly.
Jacquelyn and I on the top of Mount Si.