Friday, May 16, 2014

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to Jacquelyn.  We had four of our children up to visit and to celebrate Mother's Day with her.  She got to hear from the others by phone.  Jacquelyn told me she had a wonderful day.    I think she is one of the greatest of moms and I am so lucky to spend my life with her and all of our super children.

Also happy Mother's Day to my mom and to Jacquelyn's mom.  We are all so very lucky to have such great moms.  There is no way to express enough appreciation for all they do for us.  Happy Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Moving Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad moved out of Leisure World and Jacquelyn and I went down to Mesa to help.  Mark and Angela also came out from Tulsa.

 Here is Dad and Mom in the living room of their new place.  They got a two bedroom apartment at Discovery Pointe, also in Mesa.

 Dad rented a moving trailer to move their stuff in and we help sort and move things from Leisure World to Discovery Pointe.

 Here's the front entrance to Discovery Pointe, a very nice place.  It's just a few blocks to the north between Main and Broadway.

 Apartment 118.

They have two bedrooms.  The second bedroom they set up as a study with the computer.

 Pool and patio area out back.

 Dining room   The food was excellent.  Mom and Dad and Mark and Angela.

Jacquelyn and Doug and Mom and Dad.  It was a great place they moved into and they seemed to like it there.