Thursday, January 19, 2017


 It's been a while since our last post to this blog.  That's because I locked our car keys in the trunk of our car and our computer was in the trunk so we didn't have our car or our computer for a few days.  We do not have a spare key.  We had the joy of using the local jeepneys and trikes for our transportation.  On Monday the Broadheads brought up a spare key from the Mission Office and we finally got our car and computer back.

One day we explored this cave in Bulacan near San Jose Del Monte.  Pinagrealan Cave.

 This is the entrance on the side of a hill in the jungle.

 A picture of us with Elder and Sister Bremner.  They are new Senior Missionaries from Canada that are also serving in our mission and live in a house just down the street from us.    He is recently retired as a welder from his job at a company that operates an open pit coal mine in Canada.

 Inside the cave they had formations, including stalagmites and stalactites.  We had a guide leading us through but there were no tourist paths or trails like in the caves back home.

 This cave had animals.  They had lots of bats but also these huge black spiders with long legs.  We also saw a frog and blind catfish.  They are able to live in the cave because it floods often bringing in nutrients and insects.

 A picture of us in the the cave.  Most of the time we were wading through water.  You can see how deep it was from the water line on my trousers.  We also took the Bremners to Biak na Bato and visited a different cave that we hadn't seen before, and also the Bat Cave.

 On the way home we saw workers planting rice in a rice field.

 They flood the fields then stick in the rice plants one by one.  Looks like hard work.

One day we had a farewell for the Harringtons, the couple furthest in back.  They went home after completing an 18 month mission.  They were the office couple for the mission.  We enjoyed getting to know them and becoming friends.  They are good people and did a good job.