Saturday, April 30, 2011


On Easter we celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which means he conquered death and actually rose from his tomb and lived again. Thanks to Christ and what he did for us, we too will be resurrected to live again after death, and through the atonement can have eternal life through faith in Christ.
We went to church on Easter in Puyallup and are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

One of the best things about Easter was having lots of family come to visit and share the holiday with us.

And of course we did an Easter Egg hunt after an Easter Dinner. The following are some pictures of the kids having fun looking for easter eggs.

Eagle Scout

Caleb received his Eagle Scout award in a Boy Scout Court of Honor.

Caleb taking the Pledge of an Eagle Scout.

In the background you can see the Eagle's Nest, composed of other Eagle Scouts welcoming him as a new Eagle Scout - Malachi and Bob among the group. Three of Caleb's other brothers are also Eagle Scouts but are away and couldn't come - Isaac, Nathanael, and Joshua.

Proud Mom's in the audience.

Brother Dazey giving a talk. He was one of Caleb's scout leaders.

Caleb and Anthony Alfaro. Anthony is one of Caleb's good friends and he was the other boy also getting his Eagle Scout at the Court of Honor.

Caleb with Mom and Dad. We each got pins too.

There was a cake and refreshments afterwards. Jacquelyn made the cake herself.

Tucker getting a mouthful from Caleb.

Amery and her family came up from Spokane to be there.

Talitha and John came too.

Congratulations Caleb, welcome to the ranks of Eagle Scout.