Sunday, September 27, 2015

Baptism for Eula

We went to Eula's baptism on Saturday.  They are in our branch. They have 3 more children and one is in young women and her sister is the first counselor in YW and now I (Sister Swift) am the 2nd counselor.

 There was a bonsai display at the mall and we also saw that on Saturday.

 Some of our favorites:

 Elder Swift thought this was a great idea.  There are a couple of places in the mall where the children can drive little motorized cars for a small fee.  By the way, the malls are very very noisy.  They play really loud music all the time and sometimes people are singing Karaoke.

 As I said before, Christmas season begins September first.  On the first you can tell people " Merry Christmas", just on that day only.  I think when it is closer to Christmas you can say it also.  Here are some city Christmas decorations that we drive by on our way to church and back.  Also whenever we are in the grocery store we hear them playing Christmas songs.