Sunday, October 4, 2015

Manila Ocean Park

This post has some pictures from this week (not as many because I, Elder Swift, was sick a couple of days and we didn't get out) and also some older pictures from a trip to Manila Ocean Park.

 This is an interesting traffic photo which has a motorcycle, a trike, a van, and three carabau drawn trailers all sharing the highway together.

 This is what the cows look like out here.  We see a lot of these.

 We had  Elder and Sister Harrington (a senior office couple) come up to our branch to help teach our YM and YW how to get some ancestor names for a youth temple trip.  This is in the Branch Clerk's office.

 They actually found some.  Here are three of the youth and one of the YW leaders.  Notice they all have their smart phones.

 We also did a mapping exercise.  We have this huge map and we are trying to find everyone in the branch and put numbered dots on the map for them.  This is Elder Barcarse and Elder Salisbury.

 Last month we went on a field trip to the Manila Ocean Park, which is a aquarium theme park.  Sister Swift with the Philippine hawks.

 Once every month the Senior Missionaries all get together to go on a field trip.  This trip actually took place last month but we're slow getting the pictures up.

 They had the best jellyfish displays.

 More jellyfish.

 Sea horse.


 Tropical fish.

 Tropical lion fish.


Sister Swift and Sister Jones at the fish display where you can put your feet in the water and little fish eat the dead skin off your feet.

 They also had animal shows.  Here two birds are racing to see who can get five baskets first.

 Sister Swift petting a giant manta ray.

Philippine Hawk; a Brahminy Kite

 Performing seals.

We had fun and it was a nice break and nice to be out with the other Senior Missionaries.