Thursday, August 7, 2014

Net Fishing for Salmon

Joshua took Jacquelyn and Caleb and some of the kids with him when he went net fishing for salmon in Alaska.

 Once a year all the Alaska residents get to go net fishing for salmon.

 This is the giant net Joshua used, with help from Julia, Ethan, and Christian.

 Joshua taking the big end out into the water.

 He had to wade out pretty deep.

 And the result is a giant salmon.

 He caught 22 salmon, enough salmon to last his family the entire year, and enough left over to give us a thermal bag of salmon filets to take back to Puyallup with us.

Jacquelyn and Caleb were not allowed to fish, since they aren't Alaska residents.  There's a $200 dollar fine even for helping to carry the fish back to the car.  Caleb and Julia made a sand castle.