Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Zone Conference and Branch Activity

At zone conference, a new emphasis on baptism was implemented for our mission.

As you can see by the banner behind us the new mission goals are: exact obedience, being a Preach My Gospel Scholar, and Weekly Baptisms.  The weekly baptisms part is new. A different mission in the Philippines has been doing this and they have a much higher baptism rate than the other Philippine missions.  This goal is for each companionship.  The work is hastening in the Philippines.  This will have a huge impact on all of the Branches and Wards out here.  We are excited to be helping and to be a part of the Mission.

We usually show unusual animal pictures but this time we are posting some insects.  This is a very colorful little bee we saw one day.

Crazy looking insect that was about 3 inches long.  I'll see if I can look up what type it is and add the name later.

Also on Saturday I went on an Father and Son activity. (They also invited me)  Here I am with some of the participants.  It was a lot of fun except for one unfortunate incident where one of the younger boys got in over his head and almost drowned and one of the teenagers had to pull him out.

 Jethro and Andrew going down one of the water slides.  There were five pools at the resort and picnic tables.  We had stuffed fish that was really good.  We also had a videoke machine.

Some of the young men of the Branch:  Jeroh, Jared, Harvee, and Gilbert.