Sunday, August 16, 2015

Last visits before MTC

     We left Puyallup on Tuesday and went to Spokane for one last visit with Tianna's family.  We brought Joshua and Caleb with us.  Wednesday morning we headed out for Pocatello, Idaho.  We left Caleb in Spokane with Tianna's family.  He will be there until he goes back to BYU Idaho in the fall.  We dropped Joshua off at his temporary place in Pocatello.  We got to look at the new house that they are having built.

     Next we drove on down to Lehi, Utah to visit with Nathanael and family.  We did a couple of days of language study.  We saw Jacob learn to ride his bike and went on a hike in the mountains.

 Here we are at the top of Buffalo Peak.  We went on a hike on Saturday.  Here we are with Jackson, Nathanael, Hannah, Mary-Anne, and Jacob.

 We started out the hike going the wrong way through a grassy field following what turned out to be a water run-off trial.

 Jacob had as lot of fun following Jackson through the grass.

 Hannah looking cute on the trail.

 We ran across a very large snake.  We think it was a Great Basin Gopher Snake.

 A view from the top of Buffalo Peak.

 We also got to spend a lot of time with Nathanael and his family.  One even Nathanael was teaching Jacob how to ride his bike.

 He did it, and he's only three years old.

 He learned so fast.

Good bye Hannah, now we're off to the MTC.