Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Jeepney Trip

Most of the things we do you can't take pictures of, like at church or visiting people, but we do get to take pictures of activities.

 The YW planned a birthday party for two of their members, Monica and Camile.  Sister Swift helped out.  They cooked and decorated and then had a party at the church building with food and games.  They had a lot fun.

 Every Tuesday morning we go to meetings with the missionaries.  There is usually some type of training that the missionaries do themselves.  This is Elder Uele from New Zealand teaching a workshop.

 On Sunday after church we went on a jeepney ride to a church building in the Quezon City Mission.  It was along ride but we finally made it.  This is the branch president and some of the members going into the building.

 There were lots of members there.  We thought it was going to be about Self Reliance but it turned out to be about the Pathways Education Program, which is not even being offerred in our Mission yet.

This is the jeepney that we rode up in.  There were 19 of us in addition to the driver all in this little jeepney.  Inside are two long bench seats facing inward.  This is what the drivers usually do while waiting for their passengers to come back.  Sleep.