Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Giant Lantern Festival

We had some more Christmas carolers come to our home on Christmas Eve.  Two groups came to the front gate and started singing.

 Afterwards they stood at the gate.  It's tradition out here to give some money to carolers, so we did.  Later on Christmas day one group came back and stood by our gate again, but we didn't know what they wanted.  We gave them some cookies but that must not have been it because they cameback and stood there looking kind of expectant.  We didn't know what to do.

For the Senior outing we went to a Giant Lantern Festival at San Fernando.  Here we are with some of the other Seniors watching the show.

 The disks you see are about 20 feet tall and the light dances around and changes in time to  music.  Below are some favorites.

We also had a District Leaders Christmas Social, which was very nice.

 Here we are with the Rogers and Jones who live near us in Baliwag.

 The food was really exceptional.

Then there was games and singing and dancing.