Monday, February 29, 2016

Youth Activities and another Baptism

We have had several different events to talk about this last week.

 On our way to the Hypermarket (grocery store) in the mall we saw a Little Miss and Mister Day Care pageant going on.  The dresses were adorable.

 Some dresses had really long trains.  We didn't get a picture of any little boys.

 The Youth were having a big activity day on Thursday since there was no school and Sister Swift was helping her YW.  It started out with cooking. The YM were suppose to be in charge, but the YW ended up doing most of the work while most of the YM played basketball outside.  Andrew was helping the whole time and Ferdinand, a YSA, also helped.

 They made chop suey, which was very very good.  They had a great activity but it was about 2 hours late getting started and then we had to wait for the Branch President to bring the rice since the rice cooker from the building was missing. Most of the Filipinos ate with their hands and no utensils.  But we haven't picked up that eating custom yet and used a fork.  When they do use forks and spoons they use the fork as a pusher and push the food onto their spoon.

 After the cooking and eating we helped the youth do some Family History and look for names they could take to the temple.  This is the Branch President and two of the Youths in the Branch.

 One day I was parked in the car on a small street just outside a member's home where Sister Swift was giving Aiza some English lessons to help her get ready to go on a mission.  I was texting people when out of the blue a marching band came down the small street, marching and playing, in the middle of the hot sun. 

And we had a baptism for Andrea, who is 18.  One of the Branch members baptized her, Gilbert, (the Mission wants Branch/Ward members to do the baptizing now in order to help the new members make ties with Branch Members).  The missionaries that taught her the gospel are Elder Heaton on the left and Elder Bautista on the right. She has been taught for the past 3 years or so by different missionaries.