Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Sister Swift

We had a busy week with a temple trip, a trip to the Mission Home, a visit to a Chinese Cemetery, Father's Day, and a birthday party for Sister Swift.

 On the temple trip we had two members getting their endowments for the first time.  The first was for Jared who is about ready to leave on a mission. The second was for a sister in her 80s, but she forgot her recommend so she couldn't do it that day.  Otherwise it was a good trip.  Twenty-one members came, including some youths who came along just for the ride and to see the temple.

 One day we went to the Mission Home for a farewell dinner with the Jones.  One the way we stopped at a Chinese cemetery in Manila.  The Chinese mausoleums were ornate, better than a lot of the homes people live in.  This one looks like a small house with fancy dragon trim on the roof.

 This is the inside of a mausoleum.  Besides the coffin, you have pictures, table, chairs, benches and a small bathroom.  All for family members who come to visit.

 The is another mausoleum.  We did see smaller ones too.  These people had to be very well off.

This one had a garden outside area.

At the Mission home we had a farewell for the Jones, but they actually don't leave until July 5th.  They were the first ones out here in Baliwag and helped us a lot when we arrived.  We've become good friends and will miss them.  They are from Idaho.

 We had a big turn out at the Birthday Party, for Sister Swift, Sister Gemma, and Sister Aisa.  Sister Gemma made a noodle dish.  Sister Swift made the brownies, which you can see in the picture here, and also we ordered ice cream to put on the brownies.  We had it made at a nearby ice cream business and delivered to the church.

 We also had a game time.  This is team one on reverse charades.

 Team 2 on reverse charades.

Here are the three birthday girls:  Sister Gemma, Sister Aisa, and Sister Swift.

At church they had a Sunday School program for to celebrate fathers.  They had some short talks,  a song by the primary,  a video presentation , and gave cookies to all the fathers. There were about 17 fathers present.  Sister Swift made the cookies. We always have more women and children then men at church..