Thursday, July 24, 2014

Grandchildren visiting

We had some grandchildren visiting over the weekend.

 Mallory and Andrew spent the night Saturday night.

 The Abels were here for two nights, Friday and Saturday.  Dallen, Evan, Ashton, and James all came.  Tianna and Jim were here too.  Here's Ashton taking aim with a compound bow out in the backyard.

Evan taking a turn with the bow and arrow.  He was really good.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Maze in Mt. Vernon

Doranda and Bob invited us to go with them to a hedge maze up in Mt. Vernon.  It was at a place called the Berry Barn.

 We got up early on a Saturday morning and were there when it first opened.  We had the whole place to ourselves most of the time.  This is Tucker followed by Penelope heading into the entrance.

 The sign says "You are here, now get lost."  It was easy to do in there.  Leon kept trying to run off and his parents had to keep a close eye on him and chase him down several times.

Here we are working our way through the maze.  This is supposedly the largest hedge maze in North America.  You couldn't see through the walls at all and they were about 10-12 feet tall.

 They had various signs to try and find and learn things about the different berries they grow at the farm.

 Tucker was great at finding his way through the maze.

 Penelope wasn't always sure we were going the right way.  Except when she was leading of course.

 Leon had a great time.

 In the middle was a ramp that led up to a platform that overlooked the maze and had a slide.

 Penelope going down the slide.

 They also had a rope maze that was very hard to get through and reach the middle.  It was confusing which turn to take.

 After the maze we stopped at MacDonald's for ice cream and then parted our ways going home.  Jacquelyn and I stopped at Steward Park in Seattle and went on a beautiful 3 mile hike through the woods alongside the waters of Lake Washington.

 Here's a shot of the water.  It was beautiful out.  We had a wonderful day.