Friday, February 5, 2016

Bamboo Hut, Hike, and Baptism

One problem with the Blog is that it's mostly pictures.  This might give the wrong impression of what we're doing out here.  Most of the time we're out visiting and helping the members of the Branch and doing our callings and doing things at church.

However we do go on outings sometimes and that's where we can take pictures more easily.  You don't typically take pictures at someone's home.  So keep that in mind, most of the time we actually are busy working, not sight seeing.

 One day we went Hometeaching with the Rogers to Brother Francisco's home.  He has an all bamboo hut, which is what typical homes used to look like before they started building with cinder block and cement.  The hut is all on the second floor and is standing on poles.  You have to go up stairs to get in.

 This is where he cooks.  A hardwood table with some mortar.  He uses wood for fuel.

 Brother Francisco with Sister and Elder Rogers.

 His jeepney parked out back.

 Earlier that day we went with a few of the Elders on a hike by Angat Lake.

 The trail ran right along the lake.

 There were signs along the way with interesting sayings.  This one says, "Buhay na ilog, ilog ng buhay."  Which means "Living river, river of life."

 Some fishermen out on a canoe.

 Coconut palm tree.

 Picturesque flowering bushes.

 Peaceful river with a crane flying overhead.

 Angat dam.

One day we went with the Jones and Rogers to the big S&R store.  It's about an hour away but they like to go because it's a COSCO type store that sells imported American brand food.  I don't like to go because it takes so long to get there and it's expensive.

We had a baptism for John Paul Dela Cruz.  He's 11 years old and his uncle and family are an active family in the Branch.  With him are the four Elders currently assigned to San Ildefonso:  Elders Bautista, Heaton, Bugarin, and Uhler.