Thursday, June 11, 2015

Alaska activities

We did a lot of fun things in Alaska.  It might be the last chance we have to get up there since Joshua and Rebecca are moving to Idaho.

 I really like Alaska.

 Tianna and Doranda came with us and it was fun to see all the sights with them.

 We went to Iditarod Headquarters one day.  This is Doranda with Christian and Elliott in a dog sled run.  The sled was a four wheel drive buggy.  The dogs were so excited to run they could hardly hold still while everyone got on board.

They had puppies to hold.  Jacquelyn and Christian.

 Christian, Elliott, and Doranda with more puppies.  This was training for the puppies to get used to people.

We went to the Dr. Seuss House one day.  It's being built by an eccentric Alaskan millionaire.

 It's closed to the public but we asked this man who lives nearby and he took us out there.  I think he was charmed by the beauty of my women.

 Going up and down the stairs in the unfinished building was fun.

 Joshua and Rebecca were our hosts and we had a lot of fun visiting.  Here we are around a campfire in their backyard in Anchorage.

 At this mountain they have a spigot that funnels melted glacial water that is clear and clean and pure and makes exceptionally good drinking water.

 We did three hikes.  The first one was through the woods and featured a hand pulled tram over a mountain gorge and stream.

 On a log at the end of the hike, Julia, Christian, Tianna, Jacquelyn , and Doranda.

 Skipping rocks at a small likeside shore.  Dallen, Ethan, Elliott, and Rebecca.

 We did a little rock climbing.  Ethan.

 At the downtown tourist market.  Julia, Ethan, Christian, and Elliott at a totem pole.

 Dallen was there with us too.  He's very popular with his young nieces and nephews.

 Agnes and me.

 We had beautiful mountain scenery all around us all the time.

 One day we went to a park by an water landing strip to watch the planes land and take off on water.

 At the Alaska Wild Berry chocolate factory.  Behind us is the world's largest chocolate fountain.

 Our second hike was a mountain hike.  We had to split up here.  Doranda and Joshua and Rebecca's brother went up Wolverine Mountain.  Tianna, Dallen and I went up Flat Top Mountain.

 We made it to the top.

 Going back down.

 Our third hike was out to a glacier.  I think it was Byron Glacier.  Here's Joshua and Doranda almost to the glacier.   We actually got to climb up on the glacier.

Goodbye Alaska, we had a lot of fun.