Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hurt Foot, Fruit and Landscape

Sometimes we go out visiting members of the Branch to encourage them to come to church and sometimes just to visit.

 A little girl in our branch got her foot caught in the spokes of a motorcycle.  She has to have her foot up like this for 4 weeks.  No crutches, no walking cast.  It has been 2 weeks now and she has the big bandages and cast-like thing off now, but she still can not walk on it and gets it cleaned at the clinic every third day or something like that.  If they find a wheel chair she can go back to school next week.  This family is not active, but we have gone to visit her about 4 times since the accident.

 At one of the members homes they gave us some of this fruit from off the trees in their yard.  It's called an atis or sugar apple.

This is what it looks like on the inside.  The white fleshy part is the fruit and it's delicious.  I really like it.  The seeds are black and you have to suck the fruit off them and then spit the seeds out.  It says on the internet that the small atis trees grow in any type of soil.  Maybe we'll bring some home and try to grow one.

Here are some pictures of the landscape around the city where we are assigned.  This area is just a few blocks off the main road.  It is so different looking than the city area where most of the people live just a couple of blocks away.

This is the same area, but a different angle. Now you can see a volcanic mountain in the background.