Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Family baptized

This is the Juan family. They were just baptized into the Branch last Saturday. 
 Sister Joy and four cute daughters.  She also has two sons in the photo that were too young to be baptized.  It's great when a whole family joins the church.  They were very happy.

On the phone the other day with my dad and brother I mentioned the street sweeper was outside the house.  In the Philippines street sweepers aren't large trucks with rolling brushes.  This is a Philippine street sweeper pushing a cart for the leaves and brush they sweep up.

 Here you can see the type of brooms they use, made of long stiff bristles.  They're out in the heat of the day and wear dark colors with long sleeves and usually have their heads covered from the sun and sometimes even their faces.

 We were over at the Sister Gemma's home one day.  She is the Relief Society President.  She has a small business on her front porch cooking some fried Filipino foods that people from the neighborhood stop by and buy.  She also makes some ice and jello deserts like halo-halo.

 The District had a 70's & 80's Flashback Gold and Green Ball for the adults and youth.  There was lots of dancing.  This one guy in the picture had a great 80's outfit.  Our Branch did a dance routine also, that they had been practicing for two weeks.  We like going to all the activities in our Branch and District.