Saturday, September 24, 2016

Road Trip

We went for a drive with the Rogers.

 This is a lookout point over a small Philippine town in the rolling hills.

 A farm growing beans and kamote.

Rice fields.  Beautiful shades of green.

 A river that ran through the town.

 The smallest library in the world.

 Down in the river we saw children swimming while their Mom does laundry.

 Who needs a washing machine when you live by a river.

 Motorcycles and cars have to share the road with goats and other livestock.

 A cute baby goat with its mother.

 This is called the heart of the bananna tree.  We heard they eat it too.

 Going for a ride with Daddy.  At least one of them has a helmet.

 On Saturday we had a triple baptism.  Elders Arcayos and Jutuhan baptized John Mark Lopez and John Kevin Lopez from their area and Elders Pelinggon and Rasmussen baptized Ladilyn Vinas from their area.

 On Monday the missionaries in our zone had an activity.  We played Philippine games.  In this one you have two teams and you try to run past the other team, who can only move sideways, without getting touched.

In this game they protect their base and run back and forth trying to capture each other or the other teams base.  We played in the first game but not this one.