Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Obstacle Course and Pet Frog

We set up an obstacle course for the missionaries on Monday.  It was their activity for the transfer.

 Here I am demonstrating the pole vault.  We had 10 obstacles.  It was fun watching them run the obstacle course.

 Elder Bugarin going under the crawl obstacle.

 Elder Lorenzo climbing through a slot obstacle.

 One of the Sister hurt, not this one, her shoulder.  Other than that they had a lot of fun.

 This is the frog that seems to want to live in our house.  We keep putting him out but he finds his way back in somehow.   I think he lives under the stove.  We gave him a name, Kermit.

 This is where we find him.  See how small he is.  He always sits in the same spot right in front of the kitchen cabinets.

 One night we helped out at a YSA social in San Ildefonso.  We were on a panel and gave some short talks and then answered questions about the temple.

 We had another convert baptism this week. This is Arrianey, and she was baptized by her older Brother Fernando, who just got baptized himself a couple months ago.  She gave her testimony after the baptism and it was really cute.

 Sunday evening we went down to Makati City in Metro Manila to the first Mormon chapel built in the Philippines, which was celebrating their 50 year anniversary.  It's surrounded by high rise buildings now in a modern part of Metro Manila.  My favorite speaker was Elder Augusto Lim, who was the first Filipino General Authority.  The church is growing, we now have over 700,000 members in the Philippines.  The fourth most in any country, after the US, Mexico, and Brazil.

And we had a new grandson born this week to Isaac and Kim.  Here's Dorian Gabriel Swift with his older sister Joslyn.  We are so happy for Isaac and Kim.  Welcome to the world Dorian.