Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas in Alaska

We went up to Anchorage to see the new baby Agnes and spend Christmas with Joshua and his family.

 Agnes Ada Swift was born on November 8th, 2013 in Anchorage Alaska.  She is beautiful.

 We got to go to her baby blessing too.  She was fun to hold and Jacquelyn especially loved holding her, especially while she was sleeping.

 Agnes is a very good-natured baby and was usually happy as long as someone held her or paid attention to her and she gets held a lot with help from Julia and Ethan.  And she got really spoiled from Jacquelyn the week we were there.

 There was lots of snow up in Alaska in December.  This is the front of their house in Anchorage.

 Julia getting ready to go out but a little over-dressed with my coat on.

 We did go sledding one day and only had to walk down to the nearby school to find a good sledding hill.  Back home we usually have to drive all the way out to Mt. Rainier to sled.

 Julia, Christian and Elliott at the top of the hill.

 Christian all in warm clothes.  Still the front of our faces froze and we could only stay out a few minutes.

 Julia tried to stay warm but was soon ready to go home.

 So we hurried back home but not soon enough for some cold cold children.

 We got to spend Christmas with the family.  Christian and Elliott were very excited.

 Ethan looking at a new DVD.

 Julia opening a present.

Christian got a spy glass from Julia.

 They really liked the soccer ball but could only play indoors.

 Julia seemed content.

 Agnes slept through it all.

 Jacqeulyn and I went to the temple one day with Joshua.

 One day we went for a drive down to the inlet to see some scenery.  This is frozen ice along the hills on the side of the road was about 50-60 feet tall.

 The water comes out in a waterfall and freezes.

 Mountains in the background and frozen inlet part of the sound.

 The top of the ocean would freeze over but still move in and out with the tide.  It's an awesome sight in motion.
 And on our last full day there Jacquelyn finally got to see her moose.  We were driving out of the neighborhood and he was was walking along in front of some homes.

He retreated into a backyard and was looking about for food.  He was huge but Joshua said he was a young one, not a year old yet.  We had a good time in Alaska.