Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Easter Celebration

We did a family Easter celebration in Puyallup early this year since some of the children were in town for the weekend.

 Penelope with an Easter bunny.  She was having a good time.

 Tucker, Penelope, and Andrew with some of the Easter candy they found.

 Mallory and Penelope starting their hunt for Easter eggs.

Scarlett looking for Easter Eggs.

 Jacquelyn, Caleb, and Penelope upstairs.

 Leon after he just found an Easter Egg.

 Tucker and Andrew hunting for Easter eggs.

 Everyone gathered around watching the children hunt for Easter Eggs.  Doranda, Talitha, Caleb, Bob, Tucker, Andrew, Malachi, David, and Elaine.

 David and Talitha with a fruit plate they prepared.

Layne and Malachi.

 We had Hawaiian haystacks for dinner.  Elaine, Bob, Leon, and Tucker.

 Also it was Conference weekend and in between the two sessions we made the traditional waffle ice cream treats.

All around the table, Scarlett, Leon, Mallory, Andrew, Penelope, and Tucker.  It was a great weekend.