Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dad is 90 years old

We went down to Arizona to be with our Dads on their birthdays.  Jacquelyn went down a week earlier than me and got to be with her Dad on his 86th birthday.  My Dad was turning 90.

 Here's Dad at 90.  He's doing great and I think he had a good time on his birthday.

 Dad and Mom with their two sons - Mark and I.

For a birthday present we had this tree planted in Leisure World in honor of Dad's 90th birthday.  It looked good, larger than I expected, and he was really surprised and liked it a lot.  The tree is across the street from Rec Center 2 and just past the driving range.  You can see it from the road or the golf course.  The tree was from Mark and I, Angela and Jacquelyn (even though they got left off the card), and from the grandchildren (who were mentioned on the card).  I think he was pleased it was from everyone.

Mark made him a $25,000 Birthday cake.  It was a recipe from a cooking contest where the winner got $25,000 as a prize.  Mom used to make it for him for his birthday every year.  It had pecans and lots of chocolate in it.

For dinner we went out to the Texas Roadhouse, their favorite restaurant.

 Dad and Mom at the restaurant.

Besides Jacquelyn and I, Mark and Angela were there.  And Kristen came also who flew back from a business trip in Japan.

We had an extra guest with us at the restaurant, little Elijah, who is Conni's grandson.  She had to take her other grandson to the emergency room (Eric was sick but was okay) so we watched Elijah.  Anyway, Elijah ran away at the restaurant and no one could find him anywhere.  We searched the restaurant and the parking lot.  He was setting in a corner booth by himself pouring salt on the table and playing in the salt.

After the meal they sang happy birthday to Dad and he got to ride the saddle and got a free chocolate sundae.

 Here's a picture of Conni with Eric, one of her two grandson's that's living with her.

 A better closeup of Eric, who is 18 months.

Here's Elijah again.  They call him Eli for short.  He's a big 2 1/2  year old and is at the 97th percentile in weight for his age and height.