Monday, August 10, 2015

2015 Swift Family Reunion Tianna and Jim

On the last day of the family reunion Tianna and Jim were planning the activities.

 We went out to the church camp area for some fun activities.

The main event was the zip line.  Here's Isaac with the harness getting ready to go.

 Rebecca up on the zip line.

 Kim on the zip line way up in the trees.

 Joshua going down the zip line.

 Tianna on the zip line.

 Evan running the harness back up to the starting point.

 We had lunch under a canopy out in the woods.

 Agnes doesn't have much to say but she watches everything everyone does.

 Julia on the tire swing.

 Joshua and Bob took some of the children wading in the steam.  Scarlett, Penelope, Ethan, Christian, Julia, James, and Tucker.

 James going up the climbing wall.

 Caleb on the climbing wall.

 Tucker made it to the top by putting the knots between his toes.

 Bob went up with his arms only.

 Then we went canoeing out on the lake.  Here's Joshua with Agnes and Christian.

 Isaac with James and Joselyn.

 Caleb and James in a canoe.

 Joshua and Rebecca with Julia, Elliott and Agnes.

 Caleb and James in the canoe.

 Julia in a float.

 Thanks Tianna and Jim, it was a great last day for the reunion.  Also thank you for hosting this year, it turned out great.

Happy Family reunion from Jacquelyn, and the two youngest grandchildren, Joselyn and Agnes.  We'll do it again in two years hopefully.

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