Sunday, July 21, 2013

2013 Swift Family Reunion 7

For our next activity we played Corn Hole.  Bob and Doranda made the game boards.  You throw bean bags into holes and score points for getting on the board or in the hole.

 Isaac and Kim against Doranda and Bob.

 James against Ethan.

 Nathanael and Mary-Anne against Joshua and Rebecca.

 Penelope against Mallory.

 Malachi and Layne against Amery and Dallen.

 Ashton against Evan.

Kim against Doranda.

 Hannah taking it easy inside in her swing while all the grown ups were playing outside.

 Elliott fascinated by one of the baby toys.  He's a bit too big.

 Andrew against Ashton.   Andrew and Mallory won the childrens contest.

 Nathanael and Mary-Anne against Amery and Dallen.

 Tucker against Andrew.

 Mallory against James.

The final championship among the adults, Nathanael and Mary-Anne against Bob and Doranda.  Doranda and Bob were the winners.

 We also had some family pictures taken.  Doranda was the official photographer.  Each family had their own color shirt.  There were 33 of us in this picture.  All but Caleb and Jarom.

 One for fun.

Grandchildren.  Front row in green - Elliott, Ethan, Julia, and Christian.  Middle row in orange - Andrew and Mallory.  Back in dark blue - Jacob and Hannah.  Back in light blue - Ashton, Dallen, Amery, James, and Evan.  Middle in light green - Scarlett, Penelope, Leon, and Tucker.  Jarom in Chile.

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