Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2013 Swift Family Reunion 9

Our next activity was water games.

 Julia with a super soaker, high powered, squirt gun.  Run for your lives.

 Isaac and Kim were in charge of organizing this activity.  We started out with a water balloon toss.

We also played a game where you had to catch the water balloons with a towel and then throw them at others.  Nathanael, Ashton, Evan and Amery were on a team.

 Kim, Doranda, Bob and Tucker.

Great food all through the whole extended weekend.  One morning we had sausage casserole and cinnamon bread.

 Everyone was getting wet.

 Joshua on a team with Julia, Christian and Ethan.

 Nathanael, Amery, Evan and Ashton.

 Then we played 500 with water balloons.  It was a lot of fun except for one accident where Dallen got hurt.
Isaac handing out water balloons.

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