Saturday, January 3, 2015

Day 11 Israel - Capernaum & Mt Carmel

We're picking up our posts on the trip to Israel and Egypt.  I stopped some time ago while in the middle of it; but want to finish it so we have a record of the travel that we can look back on.

 This was our second day in Galilee and we spent the whole day touring places around Galilee.

 First stop was a short hike to a lookout spot at Arbell.  This was a hill right next to Capernaum where Jesus lived and so he probably came up there frequently.  It is also thought he visited there twice after the resurrection, once with some apostles and once to visit the 500 people.  It was beautiful up there.

Next we went to the city of Nazereth where Jesus grew up.  They had a restored village there that was built to look just like the small villages did back during that time period.

 We got to go in a lot of the buildings and homes and see what it was like living back then.

 These are olives which was the main product they grew there.

 A typical olive tree.

 An man in period Jewish dress at an olive press where they would grind the olives to make various olive products.

 An olive merchant.  We tried some of the olives.

 A scribe inside his dwelling place.

A lady that dyed and sold yarn.

 Then we went to Mt. Precipice where they wanted to throw Jesus off the cliff after he told them he was the Son of God, but he escaped.  From here we could also see Mt Tabo which is otherwise known as the Mount of Transfiguration where Jesus met with Moses and Elias and gave the keys to Peter, James, and John.

 Looking in the other direction we could see Har Megido and the Valley of Amageddon where the final battle will take place at the end of the world before the Second Coming.

 For the last stop we drove on the bus to Mt. Carmel.  This is where the priests of Baal had the contest with Elijah to see who worshiped the true God and who could call down fire from heaven.

It was a fun day and we got to see a lot of inspiring places.

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