Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Activities

Doranda and Tianna and their families stayed with us over the weekend and these are some of the activities we participated in.

 Caleb set up a slack line and we tried walking across the line between two trees.

 Evan did a pretty good job as long as someone was there to hold onto.  Ashton and I tried it too, and even Jacquelyn.  We had to have someone to hold onto though.

 Doranda worked on it a lot and got pretty good, even without anyone to help her.

 Once she got half way across all by herself.

 Story time for Penelope, Scarlett and Leon.  Penelope always looks kind of bored.

 Fooseball upstairs.

Tucker at the pool table.

 There was always a card game of some kind going on and at night we played Murder Mystery and a Name Mixup Game.

Bob and Tucker and Jim in the background.

 We had a contest making gingerbread houses.  Here is Doranda's family at work on theirs.

 Kickball at the church.  Ashton kicking.

 Tucker kicking.

 Penelope reluctantly kicking.

Leon joining in as best he could.

 Tucker with the ball.

 We played a basketball game too, it was Caleb and Jacquelyn and  I against Ashton and Bob and Doranda.

Penelope watched and was only a little bored.

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