Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2013 Swift Family Reunion 2

Our second activity was a barbecue at Malachi and Layne's house.

 They had tons of great food and everything was decorated in a Fourth of July theme.  It was great.

 Malachi has a huge back yard with a playground and a trampoline and a fire pit and lots of room for a big family get together.

 Here are some of the grandchildren at a kids table - Tucker, Penelope, Christian, Mallory, Andrew.

 We had two adult tables set up and lots of food.  You can see a small batting cage in the background they built for Andrew.

 Ashton and Andrew in the trampoline with Malachi.

 Then everyone built rockets for a contest.

Here's all the finished rockets.  Very colorful.

 Bob and Tucker's rocket went the furthest.

 We went out to the street.  Layne and Malachi had a launcher that shot them up with compressed air.

 We had a lot of fun watching them go.

 Amery had her hands full, all the little grandkids seemed to want to hang out with her.

 Andrew with Joshua and Julia.

And least we forget, Happy Birthday Malachi.  Born on the Fourth of July.

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