Monday, July 15, 2013

2013 Swift Family Reunion 1

We had a family reunion in Puyallup over the Fourth of July weekend.  I took lots of pictures but the first one came from Doranda who took the official family portraits.
We had 33 people there, everyone but Caleb and Jarom who are on missions.  Each family had their own color of t-shirt.  It was really great having everyone together.  Each family came up with an activity and a meal to cook, so we had lots to do.

The first activity was frisbee golf.  We divided up into groups and each adult drew names for a child to be their partner.  Jacquelyn is explaining the rules here.

Each team got a map of the course and a frisbee.  They had to take turns throwing.  Mary-Anne and Ashton were partners.  With Hannah under the blanket.

We put together the frisbee golf course at Manorwood Park just down the street from our house.   Some of the holes were in the open and some were in the woods.  There were 13 holes.

Amery and Scarlett getting their frisbee in Hole #8.  James and Jim nearby and Molly.

 Tucker and Kim were on a team.

Nathanael had Elliott for a partner.

Joshua had Mallory and Bob had Jacob.  Scarlet looks a little lost.

 Ashton and Mary-Anne making a hole.

 Doranda was partners with Christian and she carried Leon with her through the woods.

 Isaac and Dallen were a team.

 Julia making a hole with Ashton and Mary-Anne watching.  I didn't get pictures of everyone.

 The nearby playground was a distraction for some and they had playtime after the game was over.  Andrew and Christian.


Isaac and Dallen had the winning team.  The grand prize was a giant Hershey bar.  I have lots more pictures of the family reunion so I'm going to try and do one activity each day until I get them all posted.

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