Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monster Truck Rally

Jacquelyn and I went to the Spring Fair in Puyallup. We actually bought tickets to the Monster Truck Rally and free admission to the fair came with it.

Just the two of us went, Caleb didn't want to come along. We spent several hours touring around looking at things. Jacquelyn liked looking at the Pavilion displays mostly. I like looking at the farm animals.

We saw a lumberjack contest which was fun to watch. This is a log rolling contest. The one in the red shirt won.

Jacquelyn liked the looks of these green house starter boxes and is planning to have Relief Society make some.

Finally it was time for the Monster Truck Rally. This truck was named Bounty Hunter and it ended up winning the truck race contest.

I liked the Outlaw best and it came in second.

They would race around a track two at a time and have to smash or jump over ordinary cars along the way.

This truck was named Double Trouble and it almost tipped over backwards.

It actually got kind of repetitious. After all, you can only watch so many cars getting smashed and crushed before you start to lose interest. Here's a video so you can watch part of a race.

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