Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jordan and Caleb

We went the Farmer's Market by the Puyallup Library with Talitha last weekend and we ran into Jordan MacDonald. He has a new business selling Philly Cheese Steaks sandwiches. We got two and split them between the four of us and boy were they good. I think he's going to do well.

Caleb made the Dean's list at Pierce College. Way to go Caleb. He's doing well at college classes even though he's only a Junior in High School.
On an unfortunate note, I hurt my big toe the other day and it swelled way up and turned dark blue and hurts and I haven't been able to wear a shoe on that foot ever since. I was turning out the lights for the evening and stepped on the end of a cord that someone left out in the hall, which they shouldn't have, nope, and they do leave stuff laying out all the time, and sooner or later someone was bound to get hurt. I shifted my weight off that foot and fell down and jammed the big toe on the other food really bad. Oh well, it only hurts when I walk.


  1. sorry to hear about your toe Dad, hope it gets better quick!

  2. I would say you should just cut the toe off but I heard it is really hard to balance without that big one... Hopefully it gets better soon. And good job to Caleb!