Tuesday, May 23, 2017


We had to have two of the giant trees cut down from our home in Puyallup.  They were encroaching on the yard, the roots were tearing up the lawn, and one was pushing the sidewalk up.  Simply put, they had gotten too big and Jacquelyn said they had to go.

Before picture from the front.

 After picture.  Can you pick out the two trees that are gone.

 Another before picture from the front at a different angle.

 After picture.  Easy to see the missing front yard tree.

 Back yard picture before.

 Back yard picture after.

 For the big Douglas Tree in the back yard the cutter worked his way up lopping off limbs one by one.

 Getting pretty high.

 Meanwhile there were three other workers hauling branches out to the street to the wood chipper.

 Almost to the top.

 Ready to cut off the last part.


 Now he just worked his way back down the trunk cutting off sections one by one.

 Almost to the ground.  The irises at the bottom were crushed.  But they didn't even scratch a limb or leaf on the Roddie or small Japanese Maple.

 For the Spruce tree in front they took a different approach.  They tied up a guild line to pull it into the street when it fell.

 Did some cuts near the base.


 Then they just chopped it all up.

 The branches all went into the wood chipper but we got to keep the logs from the trunk.

 Stump number 1 in the back yard.

 Stump number 2 in the front.  A stump grinder will be coming out a different day to grind up this stump and the roots extending into the yard.

We lost two trees but we have plenty of others, and Jacquelyn's irises are blooming so all is well.

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