Tuesday, May 23, 2017


We went to Laos next on our tour of Southeast Asia.

We visited a market in Luang Prabang, and Jacquelyn wanted to try the fried grasshoppers,  As if eating a rat in Thailand wasn't enough.

She did it.  She said it was kind of crunchy.

We also got to feed the monks.  They spend full time in mediation and self reflection trying to reach nirvana, but are allowed to go out in the morning to collect food that people give to them as offerings.  But they aren't allowed to smile or say thanks, so the people get their reward for giving food in the way of blessings from Buddha.

At the morning market we toured a paper making village, which was very interesting, and a whiskey making village, where they put strange creatures in their booze.

The temples we saw everywhere almost always had dozens or sometimes hundreds of Buddha statutes.  All of the same person.

I thought this one was kind of funny.

These animal statues are usually depicting some type of demon.  We also visited the Royal Palace Museum and the Kieng Thong temple.  Then I walked up Phusi Hill to an overlook of the city.

 We took another river cruise on the Mekong River.  We saw the Pak Ou Caves and dozens of Buddha statures that people left there.

Anybody that wants can leave a Buddha as an offering.

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  1. I must have missed the part about rat in Thailand, did she really eat it??? I hear they sell fried cricket's at the mariner's games