Monday, July 6, 2015

Driving with Isaac to Minneapolis

I went with Isaac on a road trip to Minneapolis so he could check into his new apartment and drop off some of his things.

 Here's Isaac leaving his old home in Provo.  He and Kim finished up their college work there and are moving on.   First we stopped at and saw Mary-Anne and Jacob and Hannah in Lehi.  They fed us a great meal, which was really nice of them, and gave us a place to stay for the night.  It was nice to see them again.

This is Isaac and Kim's new home in Minneapolis.   The COMO student cooperative.  It's real pretty with lots of trees in a college type setting.  We drove straight through to Minneapolis which was over 1,300 miles.  Isaac drove the whole way and only stopped for meals and gas and to sleep about 3 hours at a rest stop.  We got to Minneapolis early the in morning after driving all day and all night.  Then we had a tire blowout and had to get towed to a tire store.

 We finally got there.  Isaac and Kim are going to be in Mineapolis for five years and Isaac will be going to the graduate program in Economics at the University of Minnesota.

 That night we went out to eat at the Mall of America.  I wanted to get some exercise after setting in the car for so long and it was too hot to walk around outside in the sun.

 Here's the lego store.  The mall is colossal.

 We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe in the Elvis Presley booth.

Then we drove home to Puyallup, which was over 1,700 miles.  We stopped in a rest stop to sleep again, but this time for 6 hours.  We saw Wall Drug Store on the drove both times and stopped once.  I remember taking pictures og this giant Jackalope with Jacquelyn and Tianna and Talitha many years ago.  It's been repainted but it's the same one.  It was a long hard drive but I enjoyed spending time with Isaac and going on a trip.

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