Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ape Caves

We made a trip out to Ape Caves which is part of Mount St. Helen's National Park.

 Here's the whole group at the mouth of the caves.  There was me and Joshua with his family and Doranda with her family.

 Down in the cave it was pretty dark.  We had lots of flashlights.

 Ape Caves is a lava tube cave and was pretty big in some areas.

 Rebecca with Julia.

 Penelope and Julia.

 One part of the cave got pretty narrow and the end and you had to crawl to get through it.  Here's Scarlett going in.

 Joshua and Rebecca and Julia.

 This is the ladder at the end to exit the cave.  The lava tube cave goes for miles and we were in there several hours exploring in the dark.  Penelope, Tucker, Ethan, Julia, Christian.

 Light at the end of the tunnel.  We had tons of fun.

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