Monday, September 30, 2013

Visit with Mark and Angela

I was in Tulsa for a class reunion and the best part of the visit was the time I got to spend with my brother Mark and his wife Angela.

 Mark and Angela by a statue they had made out of sheet metal of an Indian shooting an arrow into the sky.  Mark made the design himself by copying a statue and then making an outline.

 They have a beautiful home in Tulsa on a hill by Gilcrease museum.

 The house is all made out of native limestone and it's really nice.

 They have a deer feeder in the backyard and it shoots out corn twice a day.  Here's some deer with their fawns.  This picture was taken right out the back window of their dining room.

 A large buck with big antlers.

 A scorpion we found in the house one day.

 This is my old house that I lived in during High School.

 The house I lived in before that when I was in Junior High and the later half of elementary school..

 I went on a couple of walks, one day on my own and another day with Mark and Angela.  This is a bike trail through town.

 A shot from the Riverside Walk along the Arkansas River.

 Tulsa is an oil town.  The refineries are across the river.  Notice the burning flame on that one tower.

 I was fascinated with these wood carved statues.

 They were in the Utica Square shopping center, which is by the second house in the previous pictures.  Mark and I used to ride our Stingray bikes to Utica Square with friends and hang out and play there quite a bit.  The security guard would chase us out of this one department store any time he saw us coming.  I guess he didn't like all the bikes parked at the front door or us running up and down the escalators the wrong way.

 The statues are incredibly detained and smooth and not at all rough like some of the chainsaw statues I see in Washington of bears and eagles and other animals.

 Really nice I thought.

 We ate dinner one night at Jamil's, a favorite steakhouse that we've been going to with our family since we were children.

Also had to make a stop at Braum's.  They are the best for ice cream sundaes.  I had a great visit with Mark and Angela.

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