Monday, September 30, 2013

Tulsa Central Class of 73 Reunion

I went to the 40th Reunion of my High School class, 1973.  It was also an opportunity to visit with my brother Mark who still lives in Tulsa.

 This is Central.  It was the first high school built in Tulsa.

 It was a large high school and we had close to 500 in our graduating class.  The school grounds cover one complete square city block in downtown Tulsa.

 This is Lee Elementary School in Tulsa where I went to 4th through 6th grades.

 A side entrance view.  The junior high school I went to, Horace Mann, has been torn down.

 The first event of the reunion was a dinner at a Mexican Restaurant, Campadres.  If you look hard you can find me.  Hint - wearing a black shirt.

 Here's a group picture at the main reunion event.  I'm in the back row.  There were four close friends I would really like to have seen but they didn't come.  I did get to see and talk to a lot of people I knew, so that was fun.

They had tables and a band and the reunion was at Micki's All Occasion Ballroom
This is the Great Spirit Statue in Woodward Park, an Indian praying to the Great Spirit.  We had a smaller one in the halls of Central and it was kind of the symbol of our school.  We were the Central Braves.

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